Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grills and Gas Logs: Must-Haves for a Perfect Summer Outdoor Oasis

Your summer wouldn’t be complete without having at least one day of grilling and barbecuing outside your home and serving grilled steaks and barbecue for the whole family. Grilling nowadays, though, is more than just setting up a grill in the backyard and propping up chairs and a picnic table. Homeowners now want to enjoy the comforts of an outdoor kitchen by creating an oasis, with plush furniture, outdoor grills, and cozy fireplaces. Homeowners today opt to have an outdoor kitchen, a place where they can entertain guests and create a relaxing place to enjoy the summer season. An outdoor kitchen, however, isn’t complete without the elements that make it a true outdoor haven in your own home. In planning for your very own outdoor oasis, cozy fireplaces are a must-have, along with these other vital elements.

BBQ Smokers and Spare Ribs: Tips on Holding a Great Summer Barbecue

This summer in Greenville, SC, many people will probably want to enjoy the great outdoors by having a summer barbecue. If you’re planning some of your own this summer, it may seem easy enough; in general all you need will be a grill, a blazing fire and a lot of meat to cook. It can be easy, however, to make mistakes so here are a few tips to ensure your barbecues this summer are a success. The Right Equipment The foundation of your barbecue efforts is your grill, and that’s why you’ll want a good one. Depending on where you want to grill, you’ll have to check the unit’s size. If this is your initial grill purchase, it’s best to go with the simple models first, especially the ones that are on carts. You’ll also have to decide on what fuel the grill will be using; the two main choices are gas or charcoal. Gas barbecue grills are great but they don’t have the flavor that charcoal grills impart.