Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to Care for Natural or Propane Gas Logs When They Are Not in Use

A fireplace that burns natural or propane gas is an easy way to warm up a room in your Greenville, SC home or create a cozy or romantic spot for two. Rather than having to constantly haul in wood and keep pests out of a wood supply, gas logs are more convenient and less costly per use. If you plan on owning one, consider these tips on caring for your natural or propane gas logs so that your fires can be as safe and enjoyable as possible. Inspect Logs Before Use The first and most important step in caring for your gas log fireplace is performing an inspection before starting the fire. Check to make sure that all of the logs are in good shape. A fire should not be started if any of the logs are cracked or broken.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Helpful Buying Tips: How to Choose the Right Gas Logs for Your Home

If you have decided to make the wise move and invest in gas logs for your Greenville, SC home's fireplace, you are not alone. Many people are tired of messing with the hassle of starting a wood fire, cleaning out the fireplace after use and many other tedious tasks that come with a wood fire. Because of this, many people are looking for a more convenient and cleaner way to heat their space and enjoy the cozy ambiance of a fire. Gas logs make perfect sense in such situations, but you may want to consider a few points before you make a final buying decision. The Aesthetics Gas logs have come a long way in their design in recent years and their realistic design can have some people looking extra closely to determine if you are running a gas log fireplace or if you are burning real wood.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fire Up the Barbecue Grills: Planning Outdoor Family Reunions Early

The arrival of 2016 will witness many households in Greenville, SC or anywhere else eagerly anticipating family reunions. Planning for this type of important social gathering in advance helps everyone enjoy the event. If you expect to conduct some outdoor spring, summer or fall grilling on BBQ smokers and celebrate at home or having picnic activities, taking time now to begin preparations reduces expenditures. Key Decisions One survey reports that, on average, a family reunion trip includes eight adults and five children attending each family reunion every year. The typical household will spend five days away from home in order to participate. Over half of the people responding indicated that cooking played a significant role in their activities during these types of gatherings.