Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Setting Up the Fireplace: What You Need to Know Before Buying Gas Logs

While some homeowners love wood-burning fireplaces, many find that wood fireplaces are messy and inconvenient to use. They also do not give you the same ability to adjust and control the amount of heat produced as gas fireplaces do. If you are thinking about upgrading to the use of gas logs from leading suppliers in Greenville, SC like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor, it is important to consider a few important points before making your final buying decision. Freestanding or Built-In Logs The main difference between gas logs is how they are installed in the fireplace. Built-in logs are one option, and these give you the realistic look of wood in the fireplace with permanency. Freestanding logs are another option, and these types of logs also have realistic-looking options in a wide range of styles. They can easily be removed from the fireplace as needed or even replaced with a new model without hassle.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Creating the Ultimate Meat Flavors with Outdoor BBQ Smokers and Grills

Outdoor grilling, barbecue, and meat smoking have substantially grown in popularity. People have discovered that these types of food preparation bring a unique flavor to meats like chicken, turkey, beef, and pork, and also makes for faster and easier meal cooking. Even with food preparation being easier with these cooking methods, the meats prepared through grilling, barbecue, or smoking tend to come out more tender and with better color than what could be achieved with indoor frying or baking. In fact, these cooking methods can be enjoyed throughout the year, even during the coldest and snowiest of weather.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Summer’s End: The Fun Continues with Beautiful Outdoor Fireplaces

As summer draws to a close, it’s time to prepare your home for the colder seasons ahead. The end of summer does not mean saying goodbye to outdoor parties and barbecues, however—not when you have an outdoor fireplace at home. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are increasingly becoming familiar in many homes in Greenville, SC and other parts of the country. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are the number one requested feature by many homeowners today. These features can be the center of a backyard party by adding a grill top to start barbecuing; or encourage great family bonding time, camping style.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Create the Best Meals from Your BBQ Smokers with these Grilling Tips

The art of grilling is a fairly simple in concept, but much harder in application. In theory, you simply have to place your meats and veggies on the grill and remove them once they are cooked; however, creating a perfectly cooked meal is not as simple. There are certain techniques to grilling—even a few minutes too long and you can end up with overcooked food. Get the wrong temperature control and your meal might be raw on the inside but charred on the out.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grilling a Great Barbecue with a Propane Gas Grill in Greenville, SC

Summer will soon be on the wane, and what better way to end the warm season with a bang than to hold a barbeque party for your family and friends and give them a taste of your grilled steaks or hamburgers. You might be scared, however, for you haven’t quite mastered the art of grilling the perfect barbecue or steak that you can be proud of. No worries, for you can grill the perfect steak using a propane gas grill through these several helpful tips and steps. Preparing the Steak You can begin achieving the perfect grilled steak by the way you prepare the meat. First, you have to ensure that the meat isn’t frozen cold when you’re bringing it out for grilling. At best, you should bring the meat up to room temperature before you grill it to ensure even cooking throughout.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Load Up Your BBQ Smokers and Grills: What to Cook During Your Barbecue

With the summer sun high in the sky, it’s no surprise that Greenville, SC residents are cleaning their BBQ smokers and grills or buying new ones from dealers like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. A weekend barbecue is a great way to get social with your neighbors and bring smiles to your family. The question is: what exactly will you be cooking on that grill? The traditional burgers and sausages can get stale year after year, so why not spice things up this time? Here are a few suggestions on what you can serve up during your barbecue afternoons.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Grills and Gas Logs: Must-Haves for a Perfect Summer Outdoor Oasis

Your summer wouldn’t be complete without having at least one day of grilling and barbecuing outside your home and serving grilled steaks and barbecue for the whole family. Grilling nowadays, though, is more than just setting up a grill in the backyard and propping up chairs and a picnic table. Homeowners now want to enjoy the comforts of an outdoor kitchen by creating an oasis, with plush furniture, outdoor grills, and cozy fireplaces. Homeowners today opt to have an outdoor kitchen, a place where they can entertain guests and create a relaxing place to enjoy the summer season. An outdoor kitchen, however, isn’t complete without the elements that make it a true outdoor haven in your own home. In planning for your very own outdoor oasis, cozy fireplaces are a must-have, along with these other vital elements.

BBQ Smokers and Spare Ribs: Tips on Holding a Great Summer Barbecue

This summer in Greenville, SC, many people will probably want to enjoy the great outdoors by having a summer barbecue. If you’re planning some of your own this summer, it may seem easy enough; in general all you need will be a grill, a blazing fire and a lot of meat to cook. It can be easy, however, to make mistakes so here are a few tips to ensure your barbecues this summer are a success. The Right Equipment The foundation of your barbecue efforts is your grill, and that’s why you’ll want a good one. Depending on where you want to grill, you’ll have to check the unit’s size. If this is your initial grill purchase, it’s best to go with the simple models first, especially the ones that are on carts. You’ll also have to decide on what fuel the grill will be using; the two main choices are gas or charcoal. Gas barbecue grills are great but they don’t have the flavor that charcoal grills impart.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fireplaces in Greenville, SC Homes: Tips for Staying Safe and Warm

Winter is usually the perfect time to heat things up with warm fireplaces in Greenville, SC homes to fight off the biting cold. Fireplaces and heating systems, however, also need proper care and inspection to avoid fires from starting in your own home. Thus, each and every part of the fireplace, from the gas logs to the chimney, must be regularly checked and maintained. According to a report by Laura Gaddy of the Anniston Star, the cold weather is commonly the period of spiking fire incidents. In Alabama, fire-related deaths reached almost a hundred during the winter of 2013. Alabama State Fire Marshal’s office spokesperson Stephen Holmes was quoted by saying that cold weather prompts people to go to extreme measures to stay warm.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Enjoy a Winter Barbecue and Fire Up Barbecue Grills in Greenville, SC

"With winter here, many people think that Greenville, SC barbecue grills will have to go into storage until the flowers are abloom once again. Winter barbecues are changing that assumption and are becoming a popular pastime for many who are pining for warmer temperatures. While the cold temperature may help with preventing the spread of bacteria, however, this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the basic safety rules: wash your hands while handling the raw meat, keep all of it separate, and cook the food well to avoid a stomach upset of any kind. Now that safety precautions are out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the issue: how you can go about doing some barbecuing while the snow is falling. The key thing that makes it all possible is gas grills; charcoal grills take a lot of effort to get hot in the cold weather, but with a propane gas-fueled grill, you can control the heat at an optimal rate.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Greenville, SC Propane Gas Grill for Your Next Awesome Barbecue Party

Summer – the perfect time to appreciate the great outdoors. That “great outdoors” can include your backyard. How? With a really nice barbecue party, of course. Like any party, a barbecue party should be fun. Country Living, an online lifestyle magazine, offers several wonderful tips for having an awesome barbecue party. The tips include providing convenience for your guests (e.g. using rare, medium, and well-done labels, handing out fans and bug spray, preparing the sundae cones beforehand, etc.), designing (e.g. repurposing holiday lights into flower-like decorations), and keeping the fun going (e.g. bringing out the croquet set or other lawn games).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

BBQ Smokers in Greenville SC and Other Outdoor Must Haves This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, which means that it's that time of year again when you outfit your outdoor kitchen with everything you need for the busy summer season. Warm temperatures and hours of sunshine give you the perfect excuse to host an impromptu barbecue or plan a fun party for everyone on your block. The same places that sell BBQ smokers in Greenville, SC often offer the same things you need for your outdoor kitchen. Start with Your Grill There are multiple places to shop for BBQ grills in Greenville SC, but before you grab the first one you see at a good price, stop and think about your needs. A grill that is 36 inches or more in width will provide enough space for all your burgers, steaks and hot dogs with space leftover for vegetables and side dishes. As the grill is the focal point of your outdoor kitchen, you want to start with the grill and work everything else around it.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Gas Logs for Greensville, SC Homes: What Makes Them a Great Option?

In a four-seasoned country like the US, having a fireplace is a must for many homes. Not only does it help keep the home toasty during cold nights, it also improves the property’s aesthetic value by helping create a more dramatic interior. However, apart from aesthetics, a more important consideration is the type of fuel the fireplace will run on. If you’re thinking stylish yet affordable and hassle-free, then gas logs in Greenville, SC are a very good option. Below are reasons why:

Thursday, May 21, 2015

BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC Invade the 4th Barbeque Benefit Festival

Last March 6, 2015, the 4th Annual Barbecue Benefit for the Boy Scouts of America Henry Shelor District was successfully held at the Sumter County Fairgrounds in South Carolina. The whole day event held many events such as a cook-off, barbeque contests, and many more. For $8, attendees were treated to a good variety of entertainment. The venue was packed with lots of barbecue lovers, and what seemed to be all kinds of BBQ smokers throughout Greenville, SC.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Greenville, SC Propane Gas Grills Need Upkeep for a Long Service Life

The last winter has deprived Greenville, SC locals of a lot of outdoor fun. So come springtime and summer, no one’s holding back to try fun alfresco activities. Nonetheless, for households that look forward to quality time outdoors, many would opt for a cozy backyard barbecue party. So it’s no surprise that most householders spring clean their homes and prepare their gas grills. Spring is the best time to clean and maintain your Greenville, SC gas logs (‘til next winter) and gas grills (in preparation for a backyard BBQ). Since many barbecues are left sitting outside the house, particularly on the deck, they take a lot of punishment from extreme weather conditions. As a result, they act up once in a while once you start using them again. In his article for, barbecues and grilling expert Derrick Riches identifies some of the common issues with barbecues that need immediate attention. It’s likely that these issues can be red flags that the equipment needs replacement.

Monday, March 30, 2015

BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC and Delicious Budget Home-Cooked Meals

Barbecue, or BBQ if you prefer, is one of the most fundamental parts of American cuisine. It is so influential that an entire culture of backyard weekend grilling was practically built around it. More recently, regional variations of BBQ from all across America—particularly from the BBQ-heavy states of Texas, Alabama, Kansas City, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, among others—have been wowing diners everywhere, increasing demand for these grilled gastronomic treats. While it serves as great exposure to these dishes, which would have remained regional staples if not for the publicity, there have been concerns that the sudden popularity of barbecue has its downsides. An article on the Wall Street Journal’s website dated February 5, 2015 details how the strong demand for a particular cut of meat, which was traditionally considered one of the least desirable portions of beef, saw a sharp increase in its prices. In accordance with this increase, restaurants also raised their prices.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Avoid Nasty Accidents by Knowing Your Fireplaces in Greenville, SC

Last January, a fire caused an estimated $500,000 in damage in the home of Ron Rivera, coach of the football team Carolina Panthers. The investigation by the respective fire department determined that the cause was a fault in the fireplace—a result of either improper installation or material defects. Good fireplaces work efficiently in heating your home and are a great opportunity to enhance the look of a room. What should be learned is to be extremely careful when you select a fireplace and gas logs in Greenville, SC.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Buyer’s Guide: How to Find Your Ideal BBQ Smokers in Greenville, SC?

Have you ever wondered why those steaks, ribs, and briskets you order at barbecue restaurants taste so good? The secret is that they don’t use your average charcoal or gas grill; instead, they use specialized BBQ smokers in Greenville, SC. So why go to a restaurant when you can have good food right at your backyard? All you need is a smoker and you’re set to have a fun BBQ party with family and friends. Types of Smokers There are many types of smokers to choose from, each coming in different shapes and sizes. From bullet charcoal designs and electric units to modern handheld smoking guns and stovetop smokers, you can literally cook your steaks anywhere in the house. Note that different types of smokers are fueled by different materials like charcoal, hardwood, wood pellets, propane, and even electricity so you would really need to consider your needs and preferences before purchasing any smoker.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Warmth and Light: Greenville, SC Gas Logs As Your Best Choice

Fortunately, the traditional pit of embers need not be the only way; fireplaces using gas logs for Greenville, SC homes can work just as well to create both warmth and romance. There are several advantages to going for a natural gas fireplace. First, no need to chop wood, no messy clean up of ashes either. The logs in your fireplace aren’t wood at all, but are made of ceramic or other heat-resistant materials, while the fire is fueled by a Greenville, SC propane gas service like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. Second, because the fire is gas-powered, you can be assured of constant heat, unlike natural fire which needs to be stoked or fed with fuel manually.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Unpack Those Greenville, SC BBQ Smokers and Have Winter Barbecue Fun

With snow thick on the ground, many think it would be better to spend all the time indoors. However, a cold wintry day may be the right time to roll out those Greenville, SC BBQ smokers. Many people have long realized the fun of having a mid-winter barbecue, as evidenced by the fact that two-thirds of grill owners attest that they grill the whole year round. However, you can’t just fire up those BBQ grills in Greenville, SC homes without some preparation. A successful winter barbecue needs some preparation. First, you’ll need some additional items. Some examples of what you need are outdoor patio heaters to ensure your guests don’t crowd around the grill for heat, some lights so that you can see what you’re cooking, and benches to gather your friends around the smoky grill. You can get some of these accessories from shops like Buchanan Fire and Outdoor. Be sure you have your equipment ready beforehand so you don’t take your attention away from your grilling task.